Sales (Used) - Danvers, MA

I have purchased my last 2 cars from Kelly Infiniti and have always had a good experience there. I went in to purchase a 3rd Infiniti from them and was introduced to Kyle. He is by far the best car salesman I have ever worked with. In addition to being personable and professional, Kyle is very knowledgeable about the product he is selling. He answered all of my questions clearly and in full, and never made me feel pressured. I felt comfortable and confident purchasing a vehicle from him. My experience at Kelly this time was by far the best and that is because of the professional and courteous treatment I received from Kyle. I highly recommend this dealership and encourage anyone who goes there to ask for Kyle Mosley, he understands how a customer should be treated.
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Sales (Used) - Saint Charles, MI

My experience with Kelly Infiniti and my salesman Jeff Biggar could not have been more positive. The entire Infiniti team was extremely professional and very personable from the time I walked in the door! I actually went to another dealership (Infiniti of Nashua) to compare another car. Have to say NO COMPARISON on any level! They were rude, car was dirty and salesman seemed "put out" that he had to talk with me. I then went back to Kelly and purchased an Infiniti G37xs. Could not be happier with the car or my experience with Kelly!! I will be back to purchase future vehicles from Kelly and will be dealing with Jeff again as well. You all have exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making the car buying experience a pleasant one!!
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Sales (New) - Charlestown, MA

I have been an avid BMW enthusiast but was ready for a change. After a lot of on-line searches I narrowed it to Infiniti and two other manufacturers. After three disappointing post-sales experiences with Herb Chambers dealerships, my search for an Infiniti dealer was anything not Herb Chambers of Boston.
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Sales (New) - Redwood City, CA

My wife and I were shopping for a luxury mid-sized sedan and stopped into Kelly Infiniti. Being an engineer, I am not exactly impulsive and instead approach things methodically with deliberate circumspect. What a surprise. Kelly Infiniti was not what we expected when we walked into this dealership. Right away, we were warmly greeted by the service desk who introduced us to Cong Truong, a sales consultant to help us out. Cong is very friendly and knowledgeable of the Infiniti products. First, we asked Cong for information about pre-owned cars and we were given bottles of Poland Springs water, the carfaxes to three possibilities (without any questions) and some space to look over that data. After reviewing the data, we decided to pursue a new car instead of a pre-owned one. We talked to Cong about features, options and most importantly, pricing. Cong was able to offer a extremely attractive dealer incentive to help us decide to purchase a new car. With help from Cong and Adam, we ended up purchasing a beautiful Moonlight White Infiniti M37X that afternoon! And we have been very happy with the car. Most importantly, we feel extremely confident with the entire Kelly Infiniti team (with special recognition of Lisa and Jeff) and know that we are in the best of hands going forward. Thank you Kelly Infiniti!
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Service - Phoenixville, PA

Having brought my car in for a service in regards to all FOUR doors freezing after multiple snow storms, my first appointment went smoothly. I was told they used grease and silicone around my doors and that should solve the problem. Unfortunately not even 24 hours later, I walked out to my car to go to work and was completely unable to get into my car. None of the four doors would open. The only way I can get in is to leave the car in the sun for HOURS. After roughly 7 phone calls and almost a full two weeks later I finally was able to get the director of service Jeff Brown to return my call. And to my astonishment his response was "this is a design flaw of the G37". I am sorry, but I find it completely ridiculous that Infiniti offers AWD products, in a wintery part of the country, and then tells you that it's a design flaw that does not allow you to enter your vehicle when it snows. On top of that, he told me "there is nothing that Infiniti can do because they looked at the car and saw nothing wrong". Well sorry to say but this hasn't happened in previous snow storms so something is definitely wrong. His response was to take it to another Infiniti dealer for a second opinion if I didn't believe his story. I called Norwood Infiniti and the service manager Nigel said "there is no way all FOUR doors should freeze shut, something is definitely wrong". He wanted to schedule an appointment for the next day to replace the actuator on the door to see if that would solve the problem. Mind you, I called at almost 7 p.m. on a Friday night and he answered and was already trying to figure out what can be done to help me. I am in the process of scheduling an appointment with Norwood Infiniti which is roughly an hour from my house solely because Jeff Brown is telling me there is nothing that can be done. Kelly Infiniti is approx. 15 minutes from me which is why I went to them to begin with. I spoke with the GM Lisa Avola the following Monday and she reinforced what I was told that there is nothing wrong with my car. She even told me she had to park a car in the service bay to open the hood. Nothing mentioned about all FOUR doors freezing shut after multiple snow storms. Kelly Infiniti?s service department treats their customers awfully. I have spoken to multiple Infiniti owners, along with all family and friends to see if they have ever heard of this and what is their response? They all look at me like I am lying to them. No one believes that all FOUR of my doors freeze shut after a snow storm. To Lisa?s credit when I told her about the Norwood Infiniti?s plan she told me that they could do the same, but they can only replace the actuator if it is actually damaged. I don?t know what is causing this problem nor can I find anything online that is even remotely similar, but Kelly Infiniti has washed their hands and is completely useless in resolving my problem. Customer service was nonexistent and I will refuse to ever go back there or recommend them to anyone ever again. This may have just caused my opinion to change of Infiniti for the worse. ---UPDATE--- After posting my bad review previously, Lisa Avola, the GM, made it her duty to get in touch with me and right this wrong. The service she provided was much better than earlier and she offered to bring my car in and replace the four locking actuators in the door. Unfortunately due to the warm weather, it will be impossible to tell if this corrected the problem. I made sure to ask her and she said next year if I have any problems, to call her directly. This made me feel reassured for the next winter. At this point I can say I am satisfied with the service received, just only wish this was the result the first time. in the end, Lisa provided excellent service and I am happy with the result.
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Sales (Used) - Tyngsboro, MA

Purchased a used 2009 Infiniti G37X in February of 2013. Several issues have come up, the most recent a few weeks ago. My sales associate was Shawn Quinn. 1. The company failed to pay off my trade in time, resulting in money being taken from my checking account to make a payment on my trade-in. Called the company to find out what happened, and it took several days for them to get back to me. Finally agreed they had made an error, and sent a check for the amount. Only it was the wrong amount. I contacted them again and was told by Lisa Avola that the difference would be mailed to me, it never was. 2. Kelly Infiniti inspected the car when I purchased it. They passed the car. I brought the car to Dracut Tire in March of 2014 to get it inspected and was told by the inspector that the tint on the car was aftermarket and that the back window was too dark and would result in a rejection. I had to peel the tint off the window to avoid the rejection sticker. They used the tint as a selling point when I bought the car, either knowing it was too dark and selling me a car that was illegal to drive, or not knowing it was too dark and being poorly informed about their products. They also passed the car with the illegal tint, because I have no altered or adjusted the tint on any portion of the car since I bought it. Unethical to say the very least. I contacted Kelly Infiniti the same day and was rudely told over the phone by the young lady that answered that no manager was around to speak to me and that frankly what I'm telling her could not have happened. Yet it did. I have not heard back from the dealership and it has been almost two weeks. From my personal experience this is par for the course with Kelly Infiniti. I've filed complaints with both the Attorney General and the BBB. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a dealership that obviously doesn't give a xxxx about their customers when they drive off the lot. Kelly Infiniti is all about the sale, and my story is proof positive that they don't care how they get it.
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Sales (Used) - Long Beach, CA

My first contact with Kelly Infiniti was via the internet and Susan Aheron. After I came to the dealership I worked exclusively with Kyle Mosley. He has been GREAT. He returned all my calls, proactively reached out when he needed something from me, is consistently friendly, courteous and helpful. He is an asset to the dealership and his work with me has made me a big supporter of the dealership. I would send someone to Kyle in a heartbeat because of how he has represented himself and the dealership. You should be proud to have him on the Kelly Infiniti Team.
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Sales (New) - Beverly, MA

Was shopping for new car, and although Q50 was out of my price range, I thought I would take a look anyway. Chris did an excellent job explaining the features and benefits, which led me to realize I did not need the top of the line packages. Still out of my budget, Chris was able to get very creative with pricing and I have now had the car one month and love it. The dealer is aggressive with pricing, but there was never any pressure. Very laid back and non pushy. I highly recommend Kelly Infiniti
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Sales (New) - Boston, MA

The team at Kelly made the buying experience so easy and pleasant. From finding the right car, to filling out the paperwork, and to picking the new car up, it happened so seamlessly. Ridiculously easy.
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Sales (New) - Hingham, MA

I initially went to purchase my new Infiniti at Infiniti of Norwood. During the discussions at Norwood, I did not feel as though the pricing for the new car and my trade were "transparent". I went on-line to Consumer Reports and when pricing my vehicle I was referred to Kelly Infiniti and Kate Goutal. I received a phone call from Kate and we had a good discussion about what I was looking to purchase as well as what I was going to trade. Kate provided answers to my questions and while we were on the phone reviewed the inventory that was available and provided verbal quotes immediately. Kate then followed up with an e-mail with quotes and also referred me to Chris Marchese (Product Specialist). I contacted Chris and we arranged a time to meet. I met with Chris on Christmas Eve and we signed an agreement subject to my trade and we arranged a meeting for Saturday at which time we would attempt to finalize the deal and, leave with my new car. Chris, although relatively new; was very knowledgeable about the product and was enjoyable to deal with. At this time, Christmas Eve, I also had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Avola and I understand why she is a valuable employee to Kelly. She was very appreciative that we were able to come to terms on the purchase and was the ultimate professional. On Saturday, I brought in my trade and; I believe, the price received was very fair. Unfortunately, I was not able to leave with the new car, as I was not aware that my wife would need to sign a document as well. We arranged to meet again on Monday evening to pick up the car at which point I met with Adam Hoyt the Business Manager. Adam was very knowledgeable and informative about the Kelly dealership and recommended only those "warranty products" that really made sense for me to purchase. He did not recommend things that I did not need. Overall, I would highly recommend Kelly to my friends.
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